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Do the right project!  

We clarify overall goals and STRATEGY, then develop appropriate SERVICE DESIGN and optimize operational flows while PLANNING for your space needs based on best practices and innovative vision.  

Do the project right!  

We then use highly collaborative LEAN PROJECT MANAGEMENT and tightly integrated teams to assess existing conditions and negotiate regulatory COMPLIANCE, integrating ARCHITECTURE and CONSTRUCTION in a closely unifed project delivery process using 5D BIM, right through construction.

STRATEGY  Market analysis and volume projections, Regulatory trends, Emerging technologies, Payor incentives

SERVICE DESIGN - PROCESS MAPPING  Quality Measures, Patient safety, Patient outcomes, Patient experience  

PLANNING  Functional Programming, Space needs, Equipment coordination, Construction phasing, Campus plans

COMPLIANCE  Facility Assessment, Entitlements, Code Analysis, Expediting of approval and occupancy

ARCHITECTURE   Inspiring environments that deliver efficiency, sustainability, maintainability, and life cycle value

LEAN PROJECT MANAGEMENT  Delivering the relevant information in time for decisive action and follow-through.

INTEGRATED PROJECT DELIVERY  Collaborative teams deliver projects faster, with high predictability, at lower cost

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